Sylvia Likens Trial Transcripts

Gertrude Baniszewski vs. State of Indiana
Cause #31042
Actual trial transcript begins on PDF page 704 and ends on PDF page 106c (page 106 of the third part of the file).

Paula Baniszewski vs. State of Indiana
Cause #31039

State’s Evidence Exhibits
1. Side view picture of Sylvia on mattress (deceased)
2. Overhead picture of Sylvia on mattress (deceased)
3. Enlarged picture of Sylvia on mattress (deceased) exposing her front
4. Enlarged picture of Sylvia on mattress (deceased) exposing her back
5. First of Sylvia’s notes (gang of boys)
6. Picture of the basement sink
7. Picture of screw hook and burned paper residue in basement sink
8. Picture of basement
9. Different picture of basement
10. Picture of the kitchen (notice a Pepsi bottle on the table)
11. Screw hook (Jenny mistakenly refers to it as a poker, but the poker is a different item. see note below.)
12. Part of brass colored curtain rod
13. Pieces of orange colored wood
14. Paddle
15. Black police belt
16. Sylvia’s soiled shorts
17. Second of Sylvia’s notes
18. Ricky Hobbs’ signed statement (PDF page 1060)
19. Enlarged picture of Sylvia on autopsy table showing her front side
20. Enlarged picture of Sylvia on autopsy table showing her back side
21. Doctor’s chart drawing
22. Picture of Likens house on Leland Street.
23. Picture of Sylvia (famous portrait)
24. Lester Likens’ money order receipts to Gertrude
25. Coy Hubbard’s signed statement (PDF pages 1498-1499)
26. Easter Sunday picture of Sylvia, Jenny, friends
27. Paula Baniszewski’s signed statement (PDF page 1916)
28. John Baniszewski’s signed statement (PDF page 1925-1926)
29. Gertrude’s signed Waiver of Immunity (PDF page 2509)

Note that the poker that was in the basement was apparently not submitted as evidence. Or if it was, it was rejected by the judge. Johnny is said in the testimony to have used the poker to burn Sylvia’s arm. Shirley brought this same poker to Ricky Hobbs to use for the branding in the basement, but he rejected it in favor of the screw hook, according to the testimony.

State’s Exhibits photographs
Note: While two photographs of Sylvia in her deceased state were included in the above transcript PDF files made by the Indiana Supreme Court records management department, they are not included in this new zip.

Below are new versions of the evidence photographs that I made from the microfilm. The only versions I’ve seen on the Internet have been poor quality scans of photocopies made from the microfilm. Photocopies made from the microfilm reader at the Clerk’s office tend to have a portion of the sides cut off. Even the PDF files have that. My versions below show the complete images and are more detailed.

For these new reproductions, I put my camera on a tripod and pointed it at the screen. I then fired off photographs of each picture contained in the transcripts. I use professional camera gear. The images on the microfilm are presented in negative format. After I snapped the images off the microfilm reader screen, I took them home and converted them back into positive images the best I could. The results are not bad at all. Not like scans of the actual photographs themselves, but until someone can pull that off, what I have presented here are likely the best we’re going to have.

You can see the evidence list above for the contents of this zip file. The file names correspond with the actual evidence number of the State’s Exhibit photographs. A text file detailing the contents is included in the zip.

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