Jackie Finley

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Our brave Jackie lost her 400 lbs in about 18 months. . However, she was extremely ill, as we knew from the end of the last program, and although she ends up at a respectable 227 lbs, frankly she looks awful. She lost hair from malnutrition, she had an episode of brain damage, her skin is hanging like she’s wearing flesh colored stockings which are several sizes too large–the only thing with real animation is her eyes. Even at that relatively low weight she seemed to be having problems walking and moving. Since her starting weight of 627 was in August 2004, 18 months takes us to the end of last year so the program seems pretty up-to-date. She also got her panniculus cut off (it weighed 36 lbs!) and had her bypass revised so she wouldn’t be so sick all the time.

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  1. October 7, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    Jackie, I watched your story on Discovery Fit & Health tonight. Your story was so inspiring. I have never been over-weight. I have always been slim and have been greatful for God blessing me in that. You showed me that no matter what the problem, if you search for an answer hard enough, it will come. It may not be as easy as we hope it will be, but as they say no pain no gain. As I watched your story, I saw what an amazing women you were. There was always a smile, and always a kind word for everyone you came in contact with, no matter how bad you felt. Your smile is so full of warmth and love for people. I hope you are able to get out and about now. You have cheated many people, by not letting them know your wonderful friendship and love of life. Don’t do it again, the world needs more people like you. Be and stay happy, as I said before, your are an inspiration.

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